Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part B

Final PLN Summery.

My PLN hasn't changed too much since the beginning of the semester. I still organize all my computer sites via Symbaloo. I love the organization of this site. However, I am asking for an iPad for christmas and I think that I will be very organized on that using apps and have my iPad as a tool for my PLN.  I am very excited about this because I have learned so much about using technology in the classroom and specifically iPads!

I mentioned in my first post about PLN that "Dr. Strange made it clear that my PLN is more than just the organization of my favorite websites on Symbaloo, but a list of people and tools that I can look to for help on my journey of becoming a teacher and even after during my time in a classroom."

  • Dr. John H Strange- Lead Professor at the University of South Alabama, College of Education. EDM310 Teacher. 
  • Dr. Jean Clark- Professor at the University of South Alabama, College of Education. Human Growth and Development Teacher.
  • Nancy Gaillard- Professor at the University of South Alabama, College of Education. K-6 Education Teacher.
  • Caitlin Byrd- My sister-in-law. Graduate of Auburn University with an Early Childhood/Elementary Education degree. Mentor. Encourager.
  • Amy Byrd-  My sister-in-law. Graduate of Troy University with a Psychology degree. Employed at Hunter Street Baptist Church, as a Assistant and works in Girls Ministry. Author of DwellMentor. Encourager. 
  • Ana Eagerton- Friend. Graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. 3rd grade teacher at Bluff Park Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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Teacher using IPad

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

C4K Summery for November

Sarah Byrd
Project #6

Post #8
Keith's Blog
Keith- Oakville, Ontario

Keith's blog post was about... can you guess? Technology.  He writes about how much he loves technology and how much his teacher, Ms. Horst, uses it in the classroom. Keith mentions ChromeBook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google Docs in his post. That is incredible that he likes to use these resources so much in his learning process. He even mentions how he is worried that he won't be using as much technology next year with a new teacher! Ms. Horst is obviously creating a great creative and innovative classroom if she has student's that don't want to leave her classroom. You can tell from Keith's writing that he genuinely enjoys the technology being used in the classroom.

My Comment:
Keith, I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It is so great that you love technology and enjoy using it in the classroom! Technology is an incredible way to connect to people. You and your classmates blog's are being seen all over the world; I am from Birmingham, Alabama in the US. I am learning all about technology being used in the classroom just like your teacher uses technology in her classroom. What kind of things does your class use youtube and twitter for? It sounds like you really like your class and are passionate about technology. I love technology too, and the best part is that we can continue to learn more and more about technology because it is always changing and growing!

Post #9
Dalton's Blog

Dalton's blog post was a reflection on a project that he did on his future. He said he enjoyed this project very much cause he liked to picture himself in the future. I used to love picturing the future as a child too. I wish Dalton had written more on the project but he did not. I guess it's difficult for younger students to elaborate as well as older students but Dalton will get the hang of it!

My Comment:
Dalton, what did you do for your project about the future? I enjoyed thinking about my future at your age as well! I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was in school! I hope you are making your goals high and reaching for them.

Post #10
Brayden's Blog
Kingsland, MN

Brayden's Blog was a summery of the how the first quarter of school has been going for him. He seems like a very good students, and doesn't seem to get in trouble! He has some very good goals for school and it seems that he has a very straight head about school. 

My Comment:
You seem to be a very good student! I also thought your vocabulary is excellent. I have very similar goals just like yours, but for college classes. I hope you reach your goals, Brayden!

Post #11
Justin's Blog
Kingsland, MN

Justin's blog post was about Halloween! He mentioned in his post that he loves to dress up, get candy, and hang out with friends. I used to love Halloween as a young child it was always very special to me with many traditions. Justin loves to dress up scary and wear masks! That is not my thing at all, but I'm glad he seems to have to much fun during Halloween.

My Comment:
Justin, I love Halloween too! I’m sad that I have to wait a whole year for it again. I went as Minnie Mouse this year. What did you go as this year? I used to love trading candies with my brothers and friends when I was your age too! I really enjoyed reading your post.

Blog Post #14

Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein 

I enjoyed getting to read the article, Teaching Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein. Klein, who runs the New York City's public school system, mentions how if he could change one thing " would be to professionalize teaching, making it like other well-respected professions, such as law and medicine." and I couldn't agree more. I can personally say I have seen people 'feel bad' for me that I want to become a teacher. I also want to see teaching to become a prestigious thing to become, and for it to be a profession that is sought after, like medical and law fields. However, Klein says that for teaching to become for respectable a lot of things would have to change. Only the best teachers should be chosen to teach, and the schools should do a better job of weeding out teachers that are incompetent. Also, 'seniority' cannot be the basis of how to categorize teachers. Performance is everything, and if teachers aren't meeting the standards then they shouldn't be in the classroom. Klein seems to be severe with his opinions, but isn't that the best way to get the TOP QUALITY of education for our younger generations?
Doctor lawyer firefighter teacher

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Post #13

What Did I Leave Out?

I would have loved a Blog Post at the beginning of the semester that brings college students more aware of Apps and Websites that can be great uses to them as students finishing college. That would have got me more interested in the sense of using technology with learning,

Blog Post #13
Read the article, 5 Must-Download Apps for College Students. Would the apps described in the article be helpful during your college experience? Would you use them? If there was another kind of app you would find helpful to College Students what would it be?

After reading the article, 5 Must-Download Apps for College Students, I wish that I had spent more time at the beginning of my freshman years getting more organized. There are many apps available to college students that can be very beneficial to college student's learning. My favorite app that is written about in the article, Evernote. Evernote is an app that is a workspace for daily projects, where you can keep information together, and sync across all devices to keep things together. Very beneficial app and useful site online. I should have taking advantage of it much earlier. I do believe that I would use apps to help with my studies, and I do wish that they made an app that was better at keeping my calendar notes more organized. That would be a great app!
Ever note

Project #12

Project #12
SMARTboard Lesson Plan Part B